Course Starting Soon!

We are so excited to launch the inaugural offering of the SCABT 12 week course starting June 9th. Please search the website for the curriculum summary and for registering.

My motivation for contacting Dr. D’Souza was my desire for there to be more accessibility and acceptance when it comes to inquiring about the client’s spiritual and religious beliefs into the clinical intake process, treatment planning, and part of establishing the therapeutic relationship. The key is not impose our own beliefs or preferred spiritual practices on people; rather it is to inquire about their own and engage in incorporating them into the CBT framework. While mindfulness-based CBT practices are excellent for helping the client become more aware of breathing techniques, meditation, and present moment awareness, the SACBT model looks at using the client’s preferred methods of prayer, ritual, or other spiritual practices while exploring key concepts of hope, acceptance, forgiveness, and more.

We will be accepting registrations until June 7th, if you’re looking for some summer study, reading, and participating with a like-minded group of people and receiving and international level certification upon completion, please don’t hesitate to register.

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